Over the course of a series of odd jobs (slogan button factory worker, fire alarm salesman, cigarette display installer, security systems field technician, landscaper, and so on…), Mr. García Vázquez got married, obtained a Master’s degree, started having cats and kids and dogs (in that order), enjoyed teaching writing to a magnificently diverse array of students for two years at Essex County College and Middlesex County College in New Jersey before landing a tenure-track position at Brookdale Community College, where he taught writing for three more years.

He loved every minute at Brookdale but could not adequately support his family, so he decided (didn’t know it at the time) to spend the next thirty years as a technical writer in support of US Army (Ft. Monmouth, NJ and Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD) and Naval Air (NAVAIR-Lakehurst, NJ) logistics and communications systems, all the while honing his skills as a husband, father, and homeowner/handyman… and compiling an absurd quantity of notes for characters and stories.

The man has a keen fascination for how individuals react to the unfamiliar, how they cope with adversity, and how they respond to the most extreme situations (and has regularly envisioned himself in such predicaments). Given all that has happened to us (all of us, from the first human, to the one being born this very second), he has come to the conclusion that love (in the face of any and all horrors) is amazingly durable and that, in fact, love’s ability to endure life’s cruelest blows is just as mysterious as it is true.

That mystery and truth is what he hoped to capture in his first two books, Mr. Galaxy’s Unfinished Dream and No Other Pearl, and what he will attempt to capture in all that remains to be written.

R. García Vázquez is a first generation American, the son of Spanish immigrants from the distinctly Celtic region of northwest Spain, Galicia, born and raised in the gritty Ironbound section of Newark, New Jersey and a proud graduate of Rutgers University.